Willing Wisdom - The Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist

Updated: Jan 17

In the UK, a staggering 61% of adults don’t have a Will - that’s 30 million adults! We know that just thinking about death is something that everyone wants to avoid, never mind planning for it, but it is SO important to be prepared for the inevitable.

Conversations about Wills and inheritance can be tricky to start with loved ones, and it’s a conversation that so many people put off for as long as possible. When you finally do start discussing the future, you might find that you have no idea where to start! You may need to consider children, businesses, later life care, the list goes on. That’s where Willing Wisdom comes in.

The Willing Wisdom Index is an educational resource to help make this family conversation easier for everyone, plus you can access it for free with our unique link!


So what is it?

It’s a checklist that takes around 10-15 minutes to complete and has been developed using a survey of financial advisors and individuals, in eight countries, across four continents, over a 10 year period. It’s really straightforward to complete, and there’s no complicated legal jargon to decipher!

Once you complete it, you’ll be provided with a custom to-do list to give you a step-by-step roadmap to complete or improve your estate plan. No one will have access to your to-do list but you!

It will provide you with steps in six important areas:

  1. Health care

  2. Taxes

  3. Litigation

  4. Communication

  5. Planning

  6. Governance

You can then use your list to make informed decisions before meeting with us to discuss your Will and estate plan.

Be sure to complete the Willing Wisdom Index today and start planning for the future.