Why Should You Use Estate Planners To Write Your Will?

Updated: Jan 17

Did you know that Wills and making plans to leave things to descendants can be tracked back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans? It’s only natural to want to leave our hard earned money and valuable possessions to our loved ones. However, despite this wish, a whopping 60% of adults in the UK don’t have a Will in place!

If you’re part of this statistic and are looking to create your Will, you might be thinking ‘do I have to use an Estate Planner?’. The answer is no - you don’t HAVE to, but you’re going to WANT to!

So what are the benefits of using an Estate Planner?

Firstly, you’ll actually save money in the long run. Estate Planners are experienced in knowing how to secure the very best tax and financial benefits for you and your loved ones, and will save them from costly issues down the line such as probate, court fees, solicitors and taxes. You will also save a lot of time and stress by relieving the burden off yourself.

Writing a Will can be a very complicated and complex process, and new laws can come into force affecting what happens to your estate. Estate Planners will keep on top of everything and inform you of important changes. By using Estate Planners, you can be rest assured that your estate and loved ones are taken care of.

Estate Planners are experienced in writing Wills and they have seen first hand issues that have arisen due to incorrect, invalid or poorly written Wills. They can offer you objective advice and identify any potential issues so that they can be avoided. Don’t forget that if there’s a mistake in your Will, it’s often too late to rectify it once it’s noticed. You don’t want your loved ones to face chaos and a costly legal journey due to a silly mistake which could have been avoided with the help of an Estate Planner.

If you’re thinking about writing your Will, get in touch with Kindred Estate Planning today to see how we can help you.